Appropriate Technology Streamlining Activity

Appropriate technology, also known as appropriate and sustainable technology (AST), is a philosophy that advocates for simple, small-scale solutions to problems. Appropriate technology can be applied to homes, communities, and even entire nations. It can help streamline activity, reduce waste, and generally make life easier for everyone involved.

Appropriate Technology Examples Solar Power

Appropriate technology examples are a term used to describe the use of low-cost, simple, and sustainable solutions to meet needs. Appropriate technology can be used to make improvements in many areas of life, including housing, farming, and education.

Solar power is a form of renewable energy that uses sunlight to generate electricity or heat. It’s a clean and sustainable way to produce electricity from natural resources such as sunlight or wind. Solar panels convert light into electrical current through photovoltaic cells on their surface; these cells contain semiconductors that absorb photons from incoming rays (particles) of light which excite electrons into higher energy states before returning them back down again when exposed again with less energy than before – releasing this surplus as an electric current!

Appropriate Technology Examples Passive Cooling Systems

Appropriate technology examples of passive cooling systems include evaporative cooling, which uses water and air to lower the temperature of buildings. For example, you may have seen a fan that blows hot air over a bed of wet sand or gravel. Evaporative coolers are effective in hot, dry climates because they don’t require electricity they simply rely on natural resources like water and wind to function.

Another example is misters: small sprayers that emit water onto people’s skin when they’re outside during hot weather (you’ll often see these at amusement parks). The mist from these misters creates an evaporative effect, helping keep people cool without using electricity or other resources beyond what’s already available in nature!

Harvesting Energy From Wind

Wind energy is a renewable source of power. Windmills are used to harness the wind’s energy and convert it into useful work, such as generating electricity. This technology has been around for thousands of years but has only recently been put to use in large-scale commercial applications.

Wind power is clean, abundant, and renewable; when properly harnessed by modern wind turbines it can provide an excellent source of clean energy for homes and businesses alike!

Mechanical Harvesting Of Rainwater

Mechanical harvesting of rainwater is one of the most effective ways to capture and store water. Water can be harvested from rooftops, gutters, or other areas where it naturally collects. The collected water can then be stored in tanks or barrels for later use. This technology has been used for centuries in many parts of the world as a way to supply drinking water during times when there is not enough rainfall (or none at all). It also helps prevent flooding caused by heavy rains by keeping excess run-off from entering sewer systems and causing clogs that lead to backups in houses or businesses nearby.

Appropriate Technology Examples Heat Exchange Systems

Heat exchange systems are used to cool and heat buildings. They’re more efficient than air conditioning and heating systems, which use less energy than conventional cooling or heating systems. Heat exchange systems can be used in any climate, so they’re appropriate technology for all climates.

Exist To Help Us Streamline Activity

There are many different types of appropriate technology, some of which you can find in your own home! For example, if you have ever used a hair dryer or electric toothbrush before then you have already used an example of appropriate technology in your life. On the other hand, if someone gave you an old-fashioned hand-cranked egg beater as a gift they would probably be trying too hard with their choice of gift because nowadays most people prefer electric devices over manual ones like these.


Appropriate technology examples exist to help us streamline activity. By using these technologies, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which will lead to less pollution in our environment and better health for everyone.


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