How to Set up HTTPS (SSL) with WordPress

SSL certificates are tiny data files that create an encrypted and secure connection between that website and a browser if uploaded to a web server. Because of this connection, the confidentiality of any information that is transmitted between the web server and the browser is maintained. This includes both the sent and received data.

When you fill out a form on an unsecured website and click the “Submit” button, a hacker may be able to read the information you typed in.

This information could be anything from the specifics of a bank transaction to an email address that was provided in order to register for a promotion. In hacker lingo, this type of “interception” is more generally referred to as an “attack by a man in the middle,” or MITM.

Are you interested in knowing how assaults take place? Here is an example of one of the most common approaches: A hacker will install a simple listening program on a website’s server in the hopes that it will go unnoticed. This application stays dormant in the background until a website visitor starts typing information on the page. At this time, it activates and starts stealing the information and transmitting it back to the hacker who installed it.

SSL certificates can be divided into a few different categories according to a variety of criteria, including the number of domains or subdomains that are covered by the certificate as well as the level of validation and encryption that is provided by the certificate.


WP Force SSL is extremely easy to use and compatible with various other plugins and themes. The WP Sticky and SimpleAuthorBox plugins are both compatible with the WP FORCE SSL extension. Because this plugin was designed with novice and inexperienced users in mind from the beginning, you do not require any prior understanding of technology to utilize WP Force SSL.

You also can transfer your license to different sites. If you conclude that you no longer want to maintain your website, but you still have your WP Force SSL license, you are free to use it with another website. In addition, WP Force SSL can transfer your website to a new address on your behalf while maintaining the highest level of security even if you decide to do so. This entails that WP Force SSL operates within the administration panel, does not impede the performance of your website, and does not modify any code when adjustments are made.

The WordPress SSL plugin known as WP Force SSL is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most powerful one available. Whether you opt for the free or paid edition, it is simple to use, inexpensive, and loaded with features on both sides of the spectrum. The following table summarizes the most important differences that can be found between WP Force SSL and other SSL plugins.


Easy to set up without the need for any coding knowledge; compatible with all SSL certificate kinds;

Extremely effective tool for vetting content

Repeatedly verify your SSL certificate’s validity.


Outdated material cannot be permanently repaired.

You will have to keep the plugin active all the time.


SSL certificates are relatively small data files used to create a cryptographically and practically secure connection between a web server and a browser. WP Force SSL is extremely easy to use and compatible with various other plugins and themes.

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