Top Plugins for WordPress 2022

One of the leading content management systems available online is WordPress. You probably knew that. It is really impossible to spend so much time online without being aware of the growing popularity of WordPress. According to W3Techs, a website about web technology research, WordPress runs more than 30% of websites on the Internet. This is a remarkable achievement for WordPress, given the number of websites that use its platform to develop their digital presence around the world. Did you know that as much as 1/3 of the Internet is powered by the WordPress development platform? Impressive.

WordPress initially started as an online blogging platform for ambitious writers and bloggers. It was developed and launched in 2003. Over the years, the platform has gained immense popularity among its users via the Internet. Many corporate giants such as Walt Disney, the BBC, and Bloomberg have turned to it to create their own websites. As a result, WordPress has evolved into a massive website-building platform that has also transformed an e-commerce site, although it has retained its first status as a blogging platform.

One of the reasons why the popularity of WordPress is growing is plugins. The market is getting bigger, and the service is getting better. However, when it comes to your website, of course, you want the best. We have compiled a list of proven, quality, and best plugins on the market. The decision is up to you.

WP Maintenance

The most important thing for a website is its maintenance. WP Maintenance is one of the best plugins that will provide you with a service you will be overjoyed with. Although it is newer on the market, the reviews and success of this plugin are not in question. WP Maintenance allows you to create the perfect screen/page for your visitors while the maintenance process is active in the background. The whole range of features offered by this plugin will amaze you. Now you can reach the stars without coding.

Simple Author Box

Whether you are a guest writer or bringing guest writers to your blog, there are basic things you need to know. One is that you can attract more visitors, and the other is that it is necessary to give or get credit at the end of the post. No matter how kind it is, it’s not nice to take someone else’s credit. Simple Author Box is a plugin that will allow you to create a framework for authors that will fit perfectly into the design of your website. It also offers many more options, such as adding one article by multiple authors.


If you want the perfect Coming Soon page, this plugin will allow you to do so. You can add a logo, timer, slogan, or anything else. It is crucial to have a perfect Coming Soon page that will attract more visitors to return to the site when you have fully finished the site.

WP Force SSL

Start with yourself. You must have had the opportunity to visit a website that is not secure. You probably left that website the very same second. If you decide to run a website, you must create a protected environment. Both for your clients and for you. WP Force SSL will take the best care of a completely secure environment on the site.

WP Sticky

With the WP Sticky plugin, it is possible to make any element sticky. Sticky menu, sticky header … whatever you want. You can also make a great number of sticky elements. So, with all the features and options offered by WP Sticky, you will not be dissatisfied.

Final Words

Plugins can significantly expand your WordPress site. As the market grows, we are sure you will find some that will suit your needs and desires. And why do you need a plugin? The answer is simple. You will make it easier for yourself, save money and get more free time. That is what you strive for, is not it?


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