What Is a Console in Furniture?

What Is a Console in Furniture?

How to add style and comfort to a room with just one detail? Buy a console that combines practicality, originality, and an aesthetically great look. Such an element of furniture makes the room more spacy, elegant, and delicate.

What Is the Purpose of a Console?

A small elegant table against the wall is called a console. Most often, it is used to decorate a room and place small items on it. Sometimes, it contains several drawers in which you can hide useful things that are not needed on the surface. Is it possible to do without it? Designers will probably unanimously tell you “No.” Because it adds grace to the room that no other type of furniture can bring.

Advantages of a Console

A tiny table placed in a room can play an incredibly important function because it dilutes other massive pieces of furniture with its lightness and grace. Do you want the furniture not to put pressure on you and not create a feeling of heaviness? Buy an amazing and exquisite console.

Decorative Furniture Element

The console itself is a decoration of the room as it is produced in original design forms with elegant finishes. Its surface serves as an excellent place that can be decorated additionally with numerous charms:

  • Photos of loved ones in stylish frames
  • Decoratively woven or embroidered napkins
  • Outlandish vases with beautiful flowers
  • Original lamps.



The console may have additional shelves and drawers of different sizes. You can put inside things that you need but which spoil the visual space of the room if they are located on the surface. Compactly folded into the drawers, they will always be at hand, but at the same time, they will not gather dust on the surface.

Interior styling

Consoles are made for all kinds of interior styles. A miniature baroque table will give your room an ethereal charm. The ultra-modern high-tech console of a minimalistic form will give it a cosmic sound. By visiting the WohnBoutique online store https://wohnboutique-online.ch/24-konsolen, you can choose different styles of this piece of furniture:

  • Classical
  • Modern
  • Country
  • Baroque
  • Constructivism
  • Loft

How to Choose the Suitable Console

  • If you buy a console at the stage of creating the interior of the room, then you have more freedom of action. Designers can even make this tiny piece of furniture the central figure of the composition, around which they will expand additional objects.
  • If you add it to a finished interior, it is important that its shape does not destroy but matches the already designed space. To do this, it is essential to take into account the shape lines, decor, color, and material of the console.

Most Common Console Shapes

  • If the room is dominated by a linear arrangement of the rest of the furniture, select a rectangular console.
  • The corner shape is well-suited for small rooms where it is critical to save space.
  • A curvilinear console with smooth lines will go well with baroque, art deco, eco, country, and other styles.

In the interior of the room, the console will be in perfect harmony with other furnishings, such as beds, sofas, mirrors, and shelves. It will not only not add to the atmosphere of the already created space but will also bind it into a single whole.

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